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AIM virtual mock - 5 July 2020

Check out our instuctions video from Zoe Catania, chair of AIM:

We ask that you please make sure that they conduct the exam on the exact day and time that they were booked in for (Sunday, 5th July at 2.30pm). Please follow these instructions carefully:


  • Make sure your child has a quiet space to sit the exam, away from distractions
  • Please stick rigidly to the timings set out on the front of each paper.
  • Please make sure your child writes their name and date of birth clearly on the answer papers (DOB is required to calculate standardised scores).
  • The exam should be taken under exam conditions – no talking, hand up to ask questions etc. You can explain how to take the test but not how to do an individual question. For example, you can answer “Where do I put my answer on the sheet”, but not “What does that question mean?”
  • Please explain that they need to answer the questions by making a clear, horizontal mark, which is aligned with the correct letter on the answer sheet [  ̶  ]
  • Should your child finish a paper early, please ask them to check through their answers thoroughly. We recommend that you ask your child to use all the time, even if they have finished all the questions. They should use remaining time to check, check and check again.
  • Please make sure they know not to use up too much time on one question – if they are not sure or do not know the answer, move on and come back to it at the end should they have time, making sure they remember to leave the answer blank on the answer sheet.
  • If your child is running out of time explain to them to pick a letter (answers are multiple choice) and make a mark in each of the remaining answer boxes. Any answer is better than an empty box!
  • Please offer regular time reminders (minutes gone/remaining).

We understand that there are a large number of pages to be printed. Whilst it is preferable that your child works from a printed copy, it is quite acceptable for them to view the papers on screen. We do, however, recommend that you print the complete text and questions of the comprehension on the English paper, as children are taught to highlight important sections of the text. You will also need to print out the answer sheets.




When your child has finished the whole test, please post/drop the papers back through the letterbox of
THE RIGHT TUITION COMPANY  in Tunbridge Wells (next to Starbucks).  The address is

83a Mount Pleasant Rd
Tunbridge Wells
TN1 1PX.

This must be done immediately after the assessment has been we need to receive it by Thursday 9th July so we are able to mark and get back to you with the results.


Results will be given via email within 10 days. The results will be a percentage of each paper (Maths, English, VR, NVR) and a standardised score, which provides a more accurate forecast for their 11+ result.  Please don’t forget we still have a good four months to go before the real thing!


On the day we will be available for via email or Facebook for any questions. You can also give us a call.


Best of luck to everyone!

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