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Eesha's AIM experience

I have enjoyed my time at AIM. They are all very supportive and helpful, they help me improve on my weaknesses, especially my maths. They go through any subject I want to revise and help me to work out any difficult questions. Throughout my time there, I've boosted my confidence. Its really fun to be there, the tutors always make it fun for us and they don't put any pressure on us. 
After every lesson, we always get a nice treat of snacks. After a Mock test they gave us a special treat of going to the movies. Then just before you start the 11+ you get to go on an amazing trip which is really fun!
If your having a two hour class, the staff give you a break between each hour and give you a snack to nibble on before the next lesson. Between the breaks you get to play around and sit down for a bit. 
Its great when your friends from your school are there so apart from communicating with others, you have someone you know to accompany you. A few weeks later you might even be friends with someone from another school: like me, I had a friend who went to Bishops Down and me and him have become good friends.
Don't be afraid to tell them your weakness because if you do, you won't have to worry about that subject.
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