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Kent Test Scores and what they mean

Your child will get 3 standardised scores, one for English, one for Maths and one for Reasoning, and a total (aggregate) score.


Standardisation is a statistical process which compares your child's performance with the average performance of other children in each test. A slight adjustment is made to take account of each child's age so that the youngest are not at a disadvantage.

Grammar school threshold 2019

In order to reach the Grammar School threshold, or  "pass" the Kent Test children needed a total score of 330 or more, with no single score lower than 110. This means that they had to pass all papers with 110, and even if the total score is well above 330, but one paper is below 110, they will not have been assessed as Grammar School suitable.


The lowest possible score on the different tests is 69 or 70. The highest score on each test is 141, so the highest possible total score is 423.



If your child does not reach the threshold score,  their primary school may refer their case to the local Head Teacher Assessment Panel, This panel will look at their achievement in school and examples of their work, including the writing task completed on the day, before a final decision is made. In this case, they may receive a Grammar School place before you even receive their results. Where children have been assessed suitable for grammar school via their local Head Teacher Assessment Panel, their score may be below the 330 total score threshold. Children may also score higher than 330, but still be assessed as not suitable for Grammar School in cases where one or more of their individual scores were below 110.


If your child does not receive a grammar assessment, even after the Head Teachers panel, you may still appeal for a place at Grammar School. Please see the KCC website and the individual school's website for details of how to do this. There will be a cut of date for appeals to be made,


Full details of Kent Test score in the past 3 years are available on the KCC website.

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